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Slate TEA LIGHT CANDLE Holder - Various
Slate TEA LIGHT CANDLE Holder - Various
Slate TEA LIGHT CANDLE Holder - Various

Slate TEA LIGHT CANDLE Holder - Various

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This listing is for tea light candle holder(s) made from SLATE. 

Bring #MoreNature into your world.

The impact of nature and greenery to increase feelings of wellbeing is well documented.  Those of us that love the light of candles know that this too has a lovely beneficial calming effect. 

Slate Candle Holders with the handcrafted shape, unique stone texture & colours, brings the tactile touch of nature within easy reach.

Each piece of raw SLATE is carefully handpicked for its quality and durability. Then undergoes a rigorous process of being hammered, shaped and drilled. – The result is a sturdy artisan piece, crafted with love and care.

These products also lend themselves to additional decor like pebbles and sea shells positioned around them... #MoreNature again... 

Each Candle Holder is unique.  This listing has the available products currently in stock.  When selecting out of the options listed (eg. #001 or #002) it will show you the main photo of the exact candle holder available to purchase.  



As every piece is a one-off, please know it cannot be recreated.

(The business card in the photos is to help visually indicate size)


  • These SLATE TEA LIGHT CANDLE HOLDERS are made to fit STANDARD sized tea light candles.  The majority of tea light candle supplies will fit easily into our Holders when needed. 

    However, please note: If a supply of candles have a thicker than normal protective case then they may be too wide to fit into the holes drilled into the slate.  The drill holes are 38mm wide. 

  • The candles supplied with holders are from the IKEA range and are a '4 hour burn'.  They are all removable for easy replacement.

  • Yes - Battery operated tea-light candles DO fit into these holders as well :)


  • Great care must be taken when using lit candles.
  • Do not leave unattended.
  • Not suitable for children.
  • Do not place near curtains or any flammable decor or furniture. 

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