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Apologies but there is no engraved vases available online currently…  


Presenting THE SLATE VASE range with the added feature of the ETCHED DESIGN, carved into the slate stone surface.

Each engraving is completed via a specific hand process and requires many steps (NO computers or lasers).   To provide further definition and depth, the motifs are also carefully inked with a high-quality pigment.  And the slate surface sealed for durability.

Carving into the natural SLATE stone results in a very organic looking motif.  Each slate piece has variable characteristics and hardness, giving the designs an imperfect, fossil-like appeal. Therefore, the etched designs will have a unique depth and definition in each stone piece.

Note: This range has a LIMITED SUPPLY as the engraving work is only done mayve twice a year. Therefore the etched pieces are not always in stock.
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Below are the available vases with the ENGRAVED designs.  


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