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medium classic vases sizing
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MEDIUM+, Classic Slate Vase

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This listing is for the available CLASSIC vases in the MEDIUM+ size.


This artistic product offers a wonderfully low maintenance way to have longer-lasting arrangements. The shallow profile concept is based on an Ikebana style vase from Japan - with our unique addition of the natural stone. 

Each piece of raw SLATE is handpicked carefully for its quality and durability. Then undergoes a rigorous process of being hammered, shaped and drilled – The result is a sturdy artisan piece crafted with love and care.

Selecting the vase option (e.g. #002) will show you a specific vase available to purchase.  If the selection button is greyed out, then that vase has been sold. 

As every vase is a one-off, please know it cannot be recreated.
(The business card and pear in the photos is to help visually indicate size)

From Noosa, Australia.



  • STANDARD hole in slate and 38 mm Kenzan (spikes).
  • MEDIUM+ water reservoir under slate (15cm diameter)

The MEDIUM+ sized vases can take short, medium as well as some tall arrangements.  

This natural decor range offers an easy way to bring that green touch to your space, e.g. desks, tables, kitchen, patios.  This size is very versatile as it doesn't take up as much space as the larger vases. It looks great with succulents, herbs, as well as larger bunches of flowers and/or greenery.

Note: If a floral item is too top-heavy to stand tall, or droops over time, trim stem(s) shorter or use a supporting branch to improve balance.


The CLASSIC Slate Vase is the most popular of our artisan products, showcasing the slate stone as a display feature in its own right.

Nature's artwork of colour, texture and character on the slate surface is completely sealed (inside and out), ensuring its full ability as a functional, water-holding vase.

Bring #MoreNature into your world.



  • Measurements = MEDIUM+ vases are a minimum of 20 cm x 17 cm

  • Weight = MEDIUM+ vases are approx. 0.8 to 1.8 kilograms

  • Standard KENZAN = 38 mm

  • Water reservoir under slate = MEDIUM+ with a 15 cm diameter


Medium arrangement Ideas

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great gift

I received my vase as a gift and LOVE it. Get lots of comments and have purchased 2 for special friends gifts. Quality and beautiful

Clare Manski


Jodi Pasfield

Fantastic vase. So happy with it!

Absolutely love it.

I absolutely love my slate vase. Its so unique and different and I will never use an ordinary vase again. My mum has already tried to steal it but she doesn't know I have 1 put away for her bday. I know she will absolutely love it.


My slate vase was a gift and I love it! Not only is it unique and beautiful, it keeps my arrangements alive longer. I bought one for my mum for her birthday and can't wait to see her reaction.
Thank you so much.