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Gumleaf slate vase
Gumleaf slate vase with business card
Gumleaf slate vase closer detail
Gumleaf slate vase with greenery
Gumleaf slate vase with arrangement

SOLD - LARGE with GUM LEAF engraving

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Each piece is unique... Here is another Vase that got away!  SOLD SOLD SOLD

This is another SOLD vase large vase with the addition of a design/motif ETCHED into the stone surface... This vase has an etching of GUM LEAVES.

Each such vases has been purchased through this website and is being used in homes & workplaces (schools, hospitals, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, you name it!) throughout Australia and beyond.

As you can see each piece is unique in handcrafted shape, stone texture & colour.

Each piece of raw slate is carefully handpicked for its quality and durability, then put through a rigorous process of being hammered, shaped and drilled. The result is a sturdy artisan piece with expected use for many years to come.

As every vase is a one-off, please know it cannot be recreated. 

(The business card in the photos is to help visually indicate size)



  • The LARGE sized vases Great for both SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE height arrangements. It is versatile and has the stability to support most arrangements Eg. Birds of Paradise cut to suitable height look gorgeous.

  • STANDARD hole in slate and 38 mm Kenzan (spikes).

  • LARGE water reservoir under slate (17cm diameter)



The design is carved into the stone surface (via a handcrafted process - no computers or lasers), inked for increased definition and then sealed.

The GUM LEAF and the GUM NUT designs came about after requests for an Australian motif in the range of engravings.

The GUM LEAF and NUT come from the Eucalyptus tree native to Australia. It has been noted as a symbol of strength, protection, and survival as well as leadership, focus, healing, goals, clarity, rejuvenation and connection. It is also considered of great benefit for its medicinal eucalyptus properties. It is also a personal favourite in our beautiful landscape.



  • Measurements = 32cm x 20cm)
    (LARGE vases are a minimum of 23 cm x 20 cm)

  • Weight = 1.5kgms
    (LARGE vases are approx. 1.2 to 2 kilograms)

  • Standard KENZAN = 38 mm
  • Water reservoir under slate = LARGE with a 17 cm diameter

Arrangements in large sized slate vases

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