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Welcome lovely Visitor!


Hello - I am Mary the Business Owner and Slate Artisan for The Slate Vase. Thank you for visiting my site and viewing my unique, handmade products :)

The Christmas season is a very busy time as my vases make wonderful GIFTS

Each natural stone product I make is:

  • an ART piece = unique / handcrafted / one-of-a-kind 
    while also being
  • a fully FUNCTIONAL product = longer lasting arrangements;
    practical / useful vase that encourages more nature in one's surroundings;
    a positive gift to encourage wellbeing.


As you browse the site, please don't hesitate to contact me directly with any questions. FAQs are also here.

The Slate Vase is participating in only two Handmade Virtual Markets for November and the Christmas Season (7th Nov and 21st Nov).

During these special events we offer special FLAT RATE SHIPPING as well as the 'BONUS10' for the first ten customers. 

Throughout the Handmade Virtual hours, 9am to 9pm - I will be standing by and available to respond or have a chat.  And most importantly - to support you in your Christmas Shopping needs :)

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Warm Regards,

Mary :) 

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