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DELUXE Classic Slate Vase
DELUXE Classic Slate Vase
DELUXE Classic Slate Vase
DELUXE Classic Slate Vase
DELUXE Classic Slate Vase
DELUXE arrangement ideas
DELUXE Classic Slate Vase
flower in DELUXE classic vase
Bird of Paradise and heliconia stem with greenery leaves, in deluxe classic vase

DELUXE Classic Slate Vase

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SIZE – DELUXE (Top of the range):

  • This size is our premium vase - it will take ALL HEIGHTS of arrangements.
    The DELUXE vase has the stability to support very tall arrangements, the function / water supply to easily sustain many stems and a magnificent presence for a table centerpiece or lobby entrance. 

  • EXTRA LARGE hole in slate and 42 mm Kenzan (spikes).
    This will fit more stems into the hole and accommodate the very thick stems of such items as gingers, large sunflowers.

  • EXTRA LARGE water reservoir under slate (21cm diameter).
    This feature gives the DELUXE vases increased function over the other vases.  It offers the largest water supply and also increased balance for tall top heavy arrangements. 


Our CLASSIC vase design is the most popular of our artisan products. The stone is hand-shaped and beautifully unadorned (no etching design needed).  The Classic range displays the slate stone in its full natural beauty...

Each piece of raw SLATE is carefully handpicked for its quality and durability. Then undergoes a rigorous process of being hammered, shaped and drilled - the result is a sturdy artisan piece, crafted with love and care.

Nature’s artwork of colour, texture and character on the slate surface is completely sealed (inside and out), ensuring its full ability as a functional, water-holding vase.

Each vase is unique.  This listing is for the available vases in the Deluxe size. When selecting the vase option (eg. #002)  it will show you the images of a specific vase available to purchase.

As every vase is a one-off, please know it cannot be recreated.
(The business card in the photos is to help visually indicate size)


  • Measurements = Deluxe vases are a minimum of 28 cm X 23 cm 
    (see selection options for specific measurements for each vase)

  • Weight = Approx. 2 to 3 kilograms

  • Large Kenzan = 42mm

  • Water reservoir under slate = extra large, 21cm diameter

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    Very happy customer

    Beautiful vase and speedily delivered. Thank you. Happy to recommend this seller.


    So beautiful! I’m in love with my gorgeous vase :)